Careers at IUBH: Insights from the employer’s perspective

Tim Kaltenborn is Head of Human Resources at IUBH. In an interview with Absolventa, an online job exchange for young professionals, he gives insider tips for applicants and talks about career prospects for young professionals.


Tim, what career opportunities does IUBH offer university graduates and young professionals?

Tim Kaltenborn: We have a wide range of entry-level positions in all of the departments of our company. In general, the degree is not decisive, rather the person, their personality and their skills. It is not only what is written down on paper that counts.
Many of our positions are in administration, customer service and sales. For a graduate with a bachelor degree, we also offer the opportunity to start in a junior position in combination with a funded part-time master’s degree programme.

Which degrees are particularly in demand?

Kaltenborn: Because we offer educational programmes in a wide variety of disciplines, we are very flexible about the professional background of our employees. On our staff, we have many business administration graduates, but also economists, lawyers, social scientists and natural scientists.

What can an applicant expect from the selection process at IUBH?

Kaltenborn: We present our applicants on our career portal, from where department heads then make a selection. The exact process can vary slightly depending on the position and location. In general, the first step is a video or telephone interview to see if the chemistry fits between the applicant and us. Next, there is a personal interview, usually concluding with a chance to meet the team. Sometimes, as an additional step, there is a trial workday. In the sales department, we also like to hear what former supervisors or colleagues say about the candidate.

What do you expect from applicants in the job interview and during the trail workday?

Kaltenborn: We particularly appreciate applicants who have looked closely at us as an employer and at the services we provide. When an applicant then convincingly demonstrates entrepreneurial thinking, courage, a strong ability to realise ideas and enthusiasm for change, we are then very optimistic about a successful working relationship.

In companies, salary is not everything, but it is also important: What starting salary can university graduates expect at IUBH?

Kaltenborn: This is very dependent on the position, but woman earn the same amount as men. Lifelong learning is part of our portfolio and we want to make this possible for our employees. There are also various incentive such as a coffee flat, capital contribution benefits and voucher portals.

At IUBH, having a career means…?

Kaltenborn: To experience something new every day, to be an entrepreneur in the company, to be creative, challenged and encouraged!


Tim Kaltenborn is Head of Human Resources at IUBH. Previously, he worked for several years as Head of Study Advisory Services at IUBH. After completing his master’s degree at the campus in Bad Honnef, he conducted research on quantitative market research methodology, taught market research and for Universum Communications, worked internationally as a consultant to universities on talent management, branding & recruiting.

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