Brand Honnef? Let’s Go!

IUBH Hospitality students competed in the 12th annual Mise en Place Cup – a championship of the top Hospitality Management schools in Europe.

The Mise en Place Cup (EMCup for short) took place from 15th – 17th February 2020 in Maastricht. The theme this year was “Battle of the Brands”. Team Brand Honnef, representing IUBH, consisted of Martina Langfritz, Lion Hummel, Andreas Doslea, Sebastian Relewicz and Cara Schreiber.

Buzz Around the Brand

The pre-competition phase began in October 2019 with our first general challenge: spreading “Buzz Around the Brand”. We made social media accounts to allow us to post our preparation work and provide information about life at IUBH Bad Honnef. Additionally, our team participated in various events on campus to garner the support of our fellow students. The main task before the competition began in earnest was to complete a research paper relevant to the theme. We also submitted a team photo and video, which were assessed separately – our video made it to the top nine!

In Maastricht, all the teams were put up in the chic Student Hotel (the delicious breakfast was a particular highlight!). The meet-and-greet event on arrival day enabled us to make new contacts with some fascinating industry personalities in a natural and laid-back atmosphere.


Rising to the Challenge

The following two competition days were exciting as they were intense. First we presented our paper to a jury, then pitched an exercise related to the theme. The second round was a debate based on a variety of positions. Fortunately, we won ours and so made it through to the last round: a task, building from our second pitch. We then presented our results in front of an audience of about 300 people. What an experience! And all greatly helped along by the smooth operation provided for by the organisers.


Team Spirit and the Value of Participation


The award ceremony took place during the gala dinner at the Rebelle on the final evening. Team Brand Honnef made it 6th out of 36. Although we might have hoped for a better result, the competition nevertheless was totally worth taking part in. Each of us rose to t

he task at hand, developed his or her presentation skills, learned to speak in front of huge audiences, networked not only with other students but with representatives of the

hospitality industry too, and in some cases even got job offers. Most important, however, was the team spirit, which is always strongest under pressure.

Overall, we can heartily recommend participating in the EMCup to future students of Hospitality. We deeply appreciate the help of all those who supported and trained us: Prof. Dr. Wilson-Wünsch, José Teña, Mr. Brackmann, Prof. Hindley, Mrs. Dusel, and of course, our fellow students. Thank you very much!

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