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Beware of stereotypes: Event management or non-stop partying

Wild rumours and stereotypes circulate about many professions and degree programmes. Our insiders from the respective degree programmes dispel the clichés once and for all.


Stereotype 1: Work hard, play harder: Event managers mainly hang out at parties, and of course, never without a glass of champagne in their hand.

As a matter of course, the event manager is always the first person on the dance floor: it is time to party! The work is done as soon as the event begins. So the cliché. In reality, before the party begins there have been many hours in the office and in meetings: most of the work needs to be done in advance. On the day of the event itself, hard-core undercover heroes are then in demand: the less guests notice the organisational logistics behind the event, the better you are doing your job. So, good-bye dance floor and high heels – hello flat shoes and simple clothes. As hard as that may be…

Stereotype 2: Event managers are night owls – they always sleep in late and no one is in the office before noon.

Even grandmother used to say, “If you can party, you can also work.” No matter how old and trite this saying might sound, it is still true and is especially true for event managers. It does not matter if an event goes until 2 am and you clean up until 4 am, you still have to get up early the next day!
Press releases have to be written, photos reviewed and social media channels updated – and promptly! After all, nothing is older than a Facebook post from 5 hours ago…There is only one thing to do: set an alarm clock!

Stereotype 3: Give me a break, my kid birthday parties were always the highlight of the year. To get that up and running you are now supposed get an academic degree?

Kid birthday parties organise themselves practically on their own, right? This does not compare to a professionally organised event. For an event to run smoothly, thousands of details need to be considered: food only falls from the sky in the land of milk and honey, an electrical outlet with unlimited energy does not exist, and it is embarrassing when the delivery truck with all the fantastic decoration does not fit through the gate…
But hey, you can learn that! Luckily, smart people have looked at many points and come up with concepts and guidelines for others to use – cool, right? In fact, there are many examples of best practice and literature for marketing and co, planning & logistics, project management and event planning available. You do not need to reinvent the wheel…you can study it.

Stereotype 4: Clooney’s number? He is just one of many. As an event manager, you are on a first-name basis with every star.

Although stars and starlets are people of flesh and blood, unfortunately, they are sometimes rather bad-tempered and conceited, difficult and chaotic, often come too late, always need extra care and they do not necessarily think of friendliness as a virtue. To be on a first-name basis which such people is only partially desirable. In between, however, there is usually a personal assistant with fancy sunglasses anyway. Even an event manager only gets past the personal assistant if money is no object. There is no such person? Well, then you are also not dealing with a real star!


Cornelia is 27 years old. Since 2017 she has been studying for a B.A. in event management at IUBH Distance Learning. In her free time she likes to write poetry, listen to classical music, go to the theatre or play a part herself.

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