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Beware of stereotypes: Business IT specialists – the best of both worlds?

Wild rumours and stereotypes circulate about many professions and degree programmes. Our insiders from the respective degree programmes dispels the clichés once and for all.


Stereotype 1: Greetings from a geek: business IT specialists are nerds – frail and pale


function IronyOn () {

alert(‘ Yes, it’s true. While our fellow students have to lug around heavy books, our tool is a lot lighter: a tablet. Over the semesters as we manage our way with our iPad, our bodies and biceps do diminish over time.  And yes, being that there are now over 4,000 emojis it’s also not necessary to train facial muscles. What’s the point? In six different ways and colours, I can express that I am sitting on the privy right now. Unfortunately, since the tablet’s screen lighting does not contain ultraviolet light, we also lack the desired tanned complexion.  ‘);


Stereotype 2: Business IT specialists? Those are the ones who did not have what it takes to become a proper computer scientist.

Here, business IT specialists are athletes! They manage the balance between customers (who have no clue about IT) and IT scientists (who have no clue about business). You can imagine it as trying to carry a motorcycle into the basement or trying to park in a  lorry parking lot – difficult.  Basically, business IT specialists are interpreters and speak two languages: IT and business.

Stereotype 3: The computer is my best friend: social contacts? Forget it.

Such a sweeping statement is not accurate. As hybrids, business IT specialists actually have twice as many social contacts as everyone else. While business administration students and computer science students usually are friends with classmates from the same field, the business IT specialist’s circle of friends comes from both groups. This also makes them an endangered species: during their career, they often choose one of the groups and become managers or programmers. Do we need to place “genuine” business IT specialists with their best of both worlds on the list of endangered species?


Igor is 23 and studies business informatics at IUBH Distance Learning. In his free time he enjoys playing the piano and doing parkour training, especially with his son.

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