The best party town in the world

We want to know what our students like best about their university towns. Today, Vincent tells us about the winter semester in Hamburg:

I was born in Hamburg, so for me it’s brilliant to be able to study in my hometown, the most beautiful city in the world. Hamburg has so much to offer that there’s just no reason to go anywhere else. And there’s so much going on here that it’s hard to describe it all in one blog entry. But I’ll try and give you a quick overview of my favourite places.


My favourite place…

…to work:

I usually like to work at home. But when we’ve got a group assignment, I like meeting up with the others in little cafés, especially in the Eppendorf area. La caffèteria is perfect, particularly for late risers like me. In the summer it’s always nice to take your books and a picnic blanket to the Hamburg City Park and do a bit of work outside.

Hamburg…to shop:

When I need new clothes, I head straight for the Jungfernstieg in the city centre. On Mönckeberg- and Spitalerstraße you can find pretty much all the big chains. And there are plenty of places to get a drink or a bite to eat in between, with beautiful views of the Alster. The Europa-Passage is great too, with its huge range of popular brands. And if you just want to go on a bit of a wander and explore new shops, the Schanze (Sternschanze) is perfect.
Hamburg is also known as ‘The Rainy City’, and the Fish Market has flooded more than once. In bad weather, the Alstertal Einkaufszentrum (AEZ) offers a nice dry alternative for shoppers!

…to go out:

In Hamburg you really can party every night of the week. Not long ago there was an international survey that ranked my hometown as the best city in the world for nightlife. I’m sure most people have heard of our famous party zone, the Reeperbahn. Once a popular haunt for sailors, it’s evolved into a party street almost a kilometre long. For me, it’s THE place to go out.
But there’s plenty of other options apart from the Reeperbahn when it comes to nightlife. The Schanze is famous for its many relaxed bars and friendly, open-minded clientele. And of course there are lots of other bars and clubs all over the city.

Hamburg…to get into the Christmas spirit:

For me, the best Christmas market is the Weihnachtsmarkt vor dem Rathaus. Unfortunately it’s also the most crowded, but there are lots of other alternatives: every neighbourhood has plenty of smaller Christmas markets where you can enjoy a nice mulled wine in the company of your neighbours.
I also like ice-skating in the open air in Planten un Bloomen, Hamburg’s second-biggest park.

…to work out:

If you want a really good workout, a lap of the Alster is ideal. At around 7.5km, this circuit will get your body temperature rising even in wintertime. When the thermometer drops too far below zero, there are also plenty of fitness studios where you can train indoors. For a while now we’ve also had quite a few bouldering walls here. I can really recommend bouldering to anyone who hasn’t tried it! Climbing at a height you can jump down from is great fun, and it’s a brilliant workout too. And in summer, Hamburg’s many canals (editor’s note: natural watercourses that flow into the Elbe) and the Alster itself are fantastic places for rowing or canoeing.

My favourite place:

I can’t actually choose a favourite place because there’s too many in Hamburg that I love.


An IUBH alumna about Hamburg:



Vincent is 20 years old and was born in Hamburg. He is in his third semester of a Marketing Management course at the IUBH. In his free time he enjoys cooking and playing sports, especially handball, football and skiing.

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