The benefits of an alumni network

Today, having good contacts and connections to the right people is an advantage in all situations – especially in professional life. After graduating from IUBH, you can continue to benefit from our strong alumni network.


“Do you know someone who knows somebody…?” In all areas of life, we can profit from having a good network – whether it’s looking for a place to live, pursuing a degree or vocational training, or seeking new professional opportunities. Especially students at IUBH who are close to graduating and aim to start working in the near future should inform themselves about IUBH’s alumni activities. The network offers ideal opportunities to connect with interesting people and potential employers. And all this is grounded in a common thread: an academic degree from the renowned IUBH.

The journey continues

“A very special advantage of IUBH is that the journey with us does not end after graduation,” explains Bianca Sammer, Alumni Manager at IUBH. “We continue to assist and support our graduates with our strong alumni network. In addition to lively exchanges in social media groups and attractive discounts on continuing education programmes, there are various social events for IUBH alumni, such as the Alumni Reunion Weekend in Bad Honnef and the ITB Alumni Event in Berlin. IUBH also regularly invites alumni to informal get-togethers in various cities. Furthermore, the Ambassador Programme offers digital networking. Here, IUBH graduates are available on the website to answer questions from prospective students and current students and thereby pass on their experiences and tips to the next generation. Last but not least, in July 2019, the IUBH Alumni Council was founded to promote the exchange between IUBH alumni and students.

Sharing experiences at different career levels

The IUBH Alumni Reunion Weekend is one of IUBH’s largest alumni events and attracts IUBH graduates to Bad Honnef every year. The main advantage of such an event is that it brings together alumni from different graduation years and people at different levels of their careers. Michael Jäger, for example, studied Hospitality Management at IUBH Campus Studies and subsequently founded his own company. At this year’s reunion weekend he was on the lookout for potential employees: “The IUBH Alumni Reunion Weekend is always a good opportunity to meet up with people again, have great conversations and laugh about old times. It is also of course wonderful to develop new business ideas and attract new people to your own company. The university has given us a lot, and when we come here, we give something back.”

Networking is based on reciprocity

Alumni events or platforms can play a central role in setting up your own business network. However, there are some important factors that need to be considered when networking. For example, it is important to generate an added value for your new contacts before expecting anything in return. “I can’t expect to be recommended for a job without doing something for it. It’s important to provide something of value to my counterpart – whether through another contact, an idea or a service – and to stay on the ball.” As a general rule, if you want to keep a new contact on a long-term basis, you should follow up within three days of the first meeting. “Get in touch – whether by e-mail, telephone, XING or LinkedIn – and remind the person of the inspiring conversation you had together”. In this way good long-term business contacts can be established and you will profit from the IUBH network well beyond your graduation.


Bianca Sammer is 41 years old and since April 2018 Alumni Manager for IUBH. In her spare time, she likes to travel or is active hiking, cycling, cross-country skiing or downhill skiing.

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