Das Hotel Andaz Munich und die IUBH Duales Studium bilden gemeinsam aus.

Attracting qualified employees through dual studies

Luxury, lifestyle, location – the Hotel Andaz Munich Schwabinger Tor opened this year on February 25th as the first location of Hyatt Hotels & Resorts. On October 1st, the facility welcomed dual students from IUBH for the first time. HR Director Helen Schöps and HR Manager Miriam Schön talk about their experiences with this collaboration.


How did you hear about IUBH Dual Studies and the culinary management degree programme?

Miriam Schön: I was already familiar with IUBH through my previous employer, and the cooperation was always very effective. I myself also completed a dual studies degree programme, in tourism management, and I think that the dual study model is a very good approach to education nowadays. Particularly in the field of gastronomy, we are struggling with the problem of finding good personnel. Dual studies offers interested applicants the chance to get involved in an exciting field of work. It also enables us to provide further training for our current employees. We decided to offer two young people the opportunity to complete their studies in cooperation with our company. Moritz had already completed a vocational training programme, whereas Friederike had not – so we can set a different focus for each of them.


What is the content of the training, and in which departments do the students work?

Helen Schöps: First of all our students learn more about our luxury lifestyle brand. The word Andaz comes from Hindi and means ‘personal style’. This is lived out here in all areas of work and in all teams. So, the students are assigned to work in our M’Uniqo Rooftop Bar, in our Modern Meat House “The Lonely Broccoli”, in our Lounge Bar, in the Bicicicletta, in our banquet kitchen, in Café M, in our employee canteen which is also open to the public, in the patisserie, in room service, and in classic service. The students are also introduced to administrative tasks, i.e. how purchasing works for a luxury hotel, how to write duty rosters, the meaning of menu engineering, and so on.


Can you list some of the advantages of dual studies compared to classical training?

Helen Schöps: The dual study programme offers “the best of both worlds”, so to speak – especially for young people who are not sure whether they want to start with a vocational training programme or an academic degree, but who are interested in both.

Miriam Schön: But especially for someone like Moritz, who had already completed a vocational training programme, dual studies offers an opportunity to remain in a professional work environment, while at the same time receiving theoretical input from university lectures.

Helen Schöps: It’s also exciting that one can directly apply the theoretical knowledge one has learned, and, perhaps even pass on new ideas for day-to-day work processes, because as a young professional one has a different perspective on work. In my case, the practical phase during my classic study programme came almost too late, because questions about practical everyday working life already emerged while studying.


What do you value about this cooperation with IUBH?

 Miriam Schön: How uncomplicated it is. Thanks to the close support of its study advisory services, I always get quick answers. The processes, such as the signing of the contract, are straightforward.

Helen Schöps: I like the proximity and openness: The study advisory services at IUBH are always there for us, as well as for the students, and are happy to make an appointment for a face-to-face meeting.


What are your long-term hopes for your dual studies students?

Helen Schöps: Definitely employee retention.

Miriam Schön: Within Hyatt Hotels & Resorts we definitely offer very good opportunities for career advancement. Whether this is in Germany or, of course, abroad. We have very good networks with all the hotels, so we can easily arrange transfers at any time. Right from the start there are very good prospects within our company.


Andaz Munich Schwabinger Tor belongs to Hyatt Hotels & Resorts. The hotels of the luxury lifestyle brand pick up the local culture and spirit of their respective location. The 22 hotels worldwide allow guests to immerse themselves in their surroundings: In Munich, for example, through design elements such as the video installation SKY, which captures the white-blue sky of Munich, the oversized Golden Pretzel or the Bavarian diamond pattern in the entrance area.

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