Apart Yet Together: How IUBH is Keeping Students Connected

Positivity and practical solutions in challenging times – two students discuss their experiences as IUBH goes online.


A crisis is often the measure of an organisation, because it’s in our response to a challenge that our true strength lies. As such, IUBH is committed to navigating the Covid-19 pandemic in a flexible and adaptive manner, while always keeping the health and safety of its students and staff alike as its top priority. To ensure Summer Semester intakes proceed uninterrupted and in compliance with social-distancing regulations, all lectures have been moved into the virtual space for the time being. This will ensure that students continue to receive the level of quality education they expect, with no unnecessary extensions to the normal study duration. To gain an insight into the virtual classroom experience, we spoke to two of IUBH students.


Making the Best of a Difficult Situation


Kabir Jaggi, from India, is pursuing an MBA at the IUBH Berlin campus. Now in his second semester, Kabir feels that virtual lectures are the best way forward for students while the pandemic endures. “Until the situation is under control,” he says, “I feel we must take all necessary safety precautions as recommended by the experts.” Although online lectures would not be the first choice for all students, Kabir is “totally satisfied” with the virtual teaching he has received at IUBH so far. While naturally missing the face-to-face interaction with professors and peers, Kabir feels that the collaborative spirit and teamwork have survived the move online. The early lectures have been “great”, with his teachers maintaining a strongly positive outlook. As Kabir says, we all now have the opportunity to “come together in such a crucial time and make the best of it.”


Communication Not an Issue

Like Kabir, Jutamas Yomsriken would ideally prefer to keep her lectures face-to-face. That being said, she is pleased with her experience of the virtual lectures so far, and is determined to stay positive in the face of circumstances – after all, as she points out, she comes from Thailand, ‘The Land of Smiles’! Jutamas is also doing the MBA at the Berlin campus, with a Specialisation in IT. She has just started her third semester. In her first online lecture, Jutamas appreciated the fact that the professor took the time to have each student introduce themselves. This was a great way to “break the ice” and establish some of the community feeling that might otherwise be lost on the online platform. Just as in the course of any lecture, Jutamas says, “students asked questions gave others the chance to discuss and share points of view.” Overall, despite the worry that moving classes online might compromise the strong professor-student rapport that IUBH strives for, Jutamas “doesn’t find communication to be an issue” at all.


Committed to Key Values

The virtual lectures will continue for as long as the relevant authorities deem them to be necessary. In the meantime, IUBH will ensure that its key values – quality education, cooperative ethos, international orientation, and the wellbeing of faculty and student body – remain paramount to all its pedagogical and decision-making processes. Though we might need to #stayathome for now, we remain facing outwards to a connected world and a brighter tomorrow.


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