An evening for gourmets

On the pots, get ready, set, and go: IUBH Dual Studies invited future culinary management students and interested parties to their IUBH show cooking at the Leonardo Royal Hotel Munich. IUBH student Nadja Laumann recounts an enjoyable evening.


My name is Nadja and I am already looking forward to starting my bachelor’s degree in culinary management at IUBH this autumn. I love the idea of combining a dual studies programme with my passion for cooking. And of course I’m looking forward to meeting new people. With a degree in culinary management, later I want to be able to cook in different international kitchens, help with organisational tasks and get the chance to learn a lot about the world. The IUBH show cooking at the Leonardo Royals Hotel was the perfect prelude to my future studies in culinary arts.

showcooking Strawberry salad with green pepper

The Leonardo Royal Hotel Munich is one of many partner companies of IUBH Dual Studies. With great anticipation at the beginning of the show cooking, we received the menu and recipes: asparagus soup with scallops, asparagus with hollandaise sauce, pork fillet and potatoes – delicious! And to round it off: chocolate mousse and strawberry salad with green pepper. We were sceptical. How was that supposed to go together? We had no idea how that would taste when we started the evening with a cool, fruity aperitif.

After a short introduction by the chef, we got down to work with the pots and pans. In small groups we began – with tips and tricks from the cooks – to prepare our feast. Of course, we didn’t only look at our own pots, but looked beyond the edge of our pans to learn as much as possible from the experts. It was not a question of rigidly cooking according to the recipe, but of experimenting and improvising in order to conjure up new taste sensations. The chef explained to us exactly why every single step is so important for creating a perfect menu. He emphasized the interplay between appetizer and main course: The aim is to put the menu together in such a way that practically everything can be used from each individual ingredient and as little as possible has to be thrown away. Again something that only a few of us had thought about beforehand.

Networking with pleasure

When the cooking fever came to an end and the delicious flavours of our food were filling the room, we could hardly wait to try the food. The chef took the lead and served the appetizer. Enjoy your meal! We were happy to hear words of praise from the professionals, had great conversations and drank the one or the other glass of wine. As a climax the cook let the ominous strawberry salad go up in flames and served it with the chocolate mousse. We were very curious … and right after the very first bite the revelation followed: strawberries and green pepper go incredibly well together!

As the crowning finale of the show cooking each of us received a certificate for successfully completing the cooking course – a great souvenir of an unforgettable, funny and deliciously surprising evening.

Further show cooking sessions in Düsseldorf, Cologne, Hamburg and Mannheim are being planned. More information can be found on the website.

Nadja is 17 years old and comes from Mittelneufnach near Augsburg. She starts her bachelor's degree in culinary management at IUBH this autumn. Her hobbies are reading, cooking and playing music.

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