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A win-win situation: when Dual Studies meets Campus Studies

An interview with Henrike Pflughoft and Katharina Krömer, Deputy Hotel Manager and dual student at the FORA Hotel Hannover, about their collaboration and IUBH


Henrike, you are an IUBH Campus Studies graduate yourself. To what extent did your course of study prepare you for your work today?

Henrike Pflughoft: I graduated from IUBH in Hospitality Management and Business Administration in 2012. The course of study’s structure impressed me right from the start: two integrated internships, one of the them abroad, as well as a study year abroad at one of IUBH’s partner universities. Thanks to the splitting up of the internships over the third and seventh semester I was able to apply my knowledge from the course ideally and consolidate it. Back then I was also convinced, and still am today, that linking practice and theory in combination with experience abroad was just the right mix to prepare me for my current position as Deputy Hotel Manager.

Katharina, does it make a difference to you to work for someone who graduated from IUBH themselves?

Katharina Krömer: You have a good person to talk to, whether it’s about the job or university. A line manager who strives to establish a good link between the theoretical teaching units in the course of study and the practical phases at the company and is also familiar with the stressful exam periods, is definitely an advantage.

How did the FORA Hotel Hannover end up employing a dual student?

Pflughoft: I have to be very honest here: Ms Krömer deliberately sought out the FORA Hotel Hannover. Our Hotel Manager and I were both convinced by the dual studies model right from the start and therefore invited her to an interview. Ms Krömer impressed us from the very first minute and the link between the FORA Hotel and IUBH was therefore established. Ms Krömer began her course in October 2017. We were able to acquire another dual student for our hotel in April 2018 with Ms Rastede and Mr Suchantke is going to be starting his studies with us as a practice partner from IUBH in October 2018. We have only ever had positive experiences with our students so far and are really happy to be able to count them among our team.

What are your responsibilities at the hotel, Katharina?

Krömer: First and foremost, I spend time in all the hotel departments to understand the hotel business during my course. At reception, for example, my responsibilities are checking guests in and out, taking and editing bookings and advising and assisting guests. It is also within my remit to write booking confirmations and produce bills. The jobs are totally different in the conference area: they include, for example, setting up the conference room, writing menus or creating door signs.

Why did you choose a dual studies course?

Krömer: Just studying would be too dry for me and as I definitely wanted to continue my education after my “Abitur” (equivalent to A’ levels), the dual studies was the best way for me to also learn practically and gain direct insight into the occupation. I am still happy that I made the decision as I can combine theory and practice well with each other.

Why tourism management?

Krömer: It’s a very wide field that combines many areas of tourism together. At IUBH you acquire good basic knowledge about tourism in the first few semesters to then be able to specialise at the end of the course. This is a solid basis and offers a variety of career opportunities for the future.

What are the advantages of a dual student for you, Henrike?

Pflughoft: A difficult question. Nowadays, its not easy to inspire apprentices for jobs in the hotel industry. You used to be able to select from a pool of applicants. Today you are in competition with various other hotels. Working together with dual students is therefore the ideal solution for us. They bring a good qualification with them, are generally more mature as a result of their age and know which direction they want to take in their career. The students are well motivated and have a good attitude to work. Both these aspects enrich our business a great deal and are definitely reflected in the company’s quality.

High praise from the boss. How do you see your future at the Fora Hotel Hannover, Katharina?

Krömer: First and foremost, I would like to successfully complete my course, further develop and gain more professional experience. As you never stop learning in this job, I’m hoping for much more knowledge, experience and adventures as well as an exciting and interesting time – happily in my current team.



Are you an IUBH graduate and would you like to be a practice partner for dual students? Do you work in a company that covers one of the areas of our dual studies course? Then get in touch with Bianca Sammer at alumni@iubh.de.


Henrike Antoinette Pflughoft is 29 years old and Deputy Hotel Manager at the FORA Hotel Hannover. She previously worked at the Grand Hyatt Berlin as a Management Trainee and Assistant Grand Club Manager. She graduated from IUBH in Bad Honnef with a double degree in Hospitality Management und Business Administration. Her hobbies include reading, cooking, dancing, meeting up with friends and family and travelling. Katharina Krömer is 19 years old and a dual student at the FORA Hotel Hannover. She has been studying Tourism Management in a dual studies course at IUBH since 2017. In her free time she likes meeting up with friends, watching football, listening to music or playing music herself and travelling.

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