A cool village

We want to know what our students like most about the place where they study. Marie tells us about winter semester in Erfurt:

Despite its manageable size, Erfurt always has something to offer. I love the charming old town and especially the Krämerbrücke (Merchants’ bridge). You can easily explore the city centre by foot and tend to run into people you know on a regular basis. For me, Erfurt is a cool village.


My favourite place in Erfurt…

…to study: University library

In winter, I like to go to the university library to study – like probably every other student. It is warm, you can always find a seat and there is a huge selection of books.

…to shop: downtown

The city centre, especially the area around the Anger, is perfect for a shopping trip. Aside from all the large, well-known clothing stores, there are many unique small shops and vintage shops. Studio Amsterdam at the fish market is definitely worth a visit! The fish market is also the place to go for sneaker lovers. A stop at Orange Jungle is an absolute must!

…to go out: Kalif Storch

My favourite club in Erfurt is Kalif Storch at the old freight yard. For those who like electronic music, they should not miss the club nights on Saturday. Occasionally there are also hip-hop events and various concerts. In addition, every Thursday you can play table tennis free-of-charge while listening to different kinds of music or enjoy a beer with friends to round off the evening.

Erfurt Krämerbrücke…to eat out: Faustfood or Werkstattcafe

If you are in Erfurt, you should definitely try the famous Thüringer Rostbratwurst (best at Faustfood in the middle of the old town). My highlight, however, is definitely the Goldhelm Chocolate Factory on the Krämerbrücke. In winter, I love to sit in their Werkstattcafe and enjoy the super delicious cakes from the Goldhelm pastry shop and the wonderful view of the Krämer Bridge. Goldhelm is particularly famous for its “bridge truffles”. I have not yet met a native Erfurter who does not love them.

…to contemplate: Luisen Park

The best way for me to clear my head is to take a long walk. Luisen Park is one of the largest and most beautiful parks in Erfurt. You can walk along the banks of Gera River and only run into an occasional jogger. It is perfect for clearing up your head.

…to get in the Christmas spirit: Christmas Market in the old town or Bayou Winter Market

Erfurt’s romantic old town is ideal for getting into the spirit of Christmas. Surrounded by the beautiful coulisse of Erfurt Cathedral and Severi Church it is the most beautiful Christmas market in Germany – an absolute must. It spreads out through the entire old town and there are small huts serving mulled wine, sausages and Christmas items. The Bayou Winter Market in the courtyard of Engelsburg is also quite cool. There is good music, mulled wine and cheese fondue.

…to flirt: Speicher (The Warehouse) on Waagegasse

Aside from clubs, bars and pubs are probably the best places to meet new people. My favourite bar in the cold season is the Speicher on the Waagegasse. Strictly speaking, it is a combination of a bar and gallery in an old warehouse building in the middle of old town. Here you can even bring your own food, and in the upper floors, there are exhibitions from various artists and you can always meet new, interesting people.

Erfurt Winterleuchten…to relax: ega park

When it is cold and dreary outside, it is particularly worthwhile to go to the glasshouses at ega park, including a butterfly house. This is a great place to enjoy relaxing in a tropical climate for a few hours. From November to January, a visit is also worthwhile due to the winter-lights event: when it is dark, chains of lights, lanterns, spotlights and projections turn the whole park into a sea of lights.

…to burn off energy: Hof des Kaisersaals (Court of the Emperor’s Hall)

In the wintertime, I love to go ice-skating. Erfurt has a huge indoor skating rink where you can really let off steam. Even more beautiful however, is the skating rink at the Hof des Kaisersaals (Court of the Emperor's Hall). Chains of lights decorate the surrounding trees and they play modern Christmas music. It is almost like being in a film. 🙂

My favourite place: Krämerbrücke (Merchants’ bridge)

My favourite place is the Krämerbrücke. It is one Erfurt’s main landmarks and the oldest completely build bridge in Europe. In summer, people always sit along the water and enjoy the idyllic atmosphere, but even in winter sitting in the Golhelm Werkstattcafe is a wonderful way to top off a day. When you walk over the Krämerbrücke there are many small shops, cute restaurants, and cafes lining both sides of the bridge. Once a year, there is also the Krämerbrücke Festival. It is the largest old town festival held in Thuringia and has many different events spread throughout the old town.

Marie is 20 years old and has been studying marketing management at IUBH since 2016. She is a genuine “Erfurter Puffbohne” – the name given to all who originate from Erfurt. In her free time she likes to party with her friends, work-out in the fitness studio or spend time with her two dogs.

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