Shape your distance learning course: Create your Studies

The IUBH distance learning gives studying on the open innovation platform “Create Your Studies” the possibility of helping to arrange their study with own ideas, improvement suggestions and open innovations actively and of collecting innovation points for attractive prices thereby.


Whether it’s new specialisations, technical innovations or service optimisations: you’re studying on an IUBH distance learning programme and you have a whole host of ideas on how to improve and enhance it? Perfect! We aim to continuously improve – together with you, our students. That’s why at you have the opportunity to submit new ideas. Of course, you can also simply comment on and vote for other ideas. Every six months, the best ideas are selected and we decide which of them we will put into practice. Sound exciting? Then register with your IUBH distance learning email address and get started!

Submit your ideas

There are two ways to submit your ideas: as part of a campaign or in an ideas channel. Campaigns are created by members of the IUBH distance learning programme and run for a limited time. They define questions for specific subjects and go through the following stages: “Idea submission”, “Discussion & Voting”, “Review” and “Completed”. You can also post your ideas to ideas channels at any time; they are allocated to different areas – for example, ”Specialisations”. A real advantage: if at least 50 students indicate that they would choose your proposed specialisation, the module will be considered. After a successful review, the specialisation will be directly implemented.

Collect innovation points

No matter whether you submit your own ideas or vote and comment on other suggestions: you’ll receive innovation points for every action. If your idea is put into practice, you get the highest number of points. You can view your points total at any time in your user profile. By collecting points, you can reach different tiers on the way to becoming a Top Innovator. At the end of the semester, the three best innovators are determined and rewarded with great prizes:

  • 1st prize: Apple Watch
  • 2nd prize: Apple AirPods
  • 3rd prize: Amazon voucher for €150

Any questions?

Simply send us an email at


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