5 Reasons for Distance Learning at IUBH

Are you wondering whether distance learning at IUBH is worthwhile for your career? And how satisfied are other students in distance learning degree programmes? The current Trend Study Distance Learning 2019 provides answers.


Most students are proud and satisfied with distance learning – according to the current IUBH Trend Study, the largest inter-university survey of distance learning students. 5,000 registered and former distance learning students as well as prospective distance learning students took part in the survey. The Blog team took a closer look at the results for you and reveals 5 very good reasons for why distance learning at IUBH can benefit you

1. You continue to earn money.

Your distance learning programme enables you to study flexiby – you decide when and where you want to study. Consequently, you can still work while studying. According to the trend study, 91 percent of distance learning students take advantage of this opportunity in that they are employed.

2. You apply what you are learning directly into practice and thus enhance your career opportunities.

Especially if you want to further develop your expertise in your field of work, you will have the chance to apply your knowledge directly in your daily work. 71.2 percent of those surveyed who are studying something that builds on their existing professional career and 44.5 percent of those who are completing a degree course in a completely new field were able to effectively apply the knowledge they had acquired during their studies to their daily work. More than half of the graduates surveyed stated that they had positive career changes as a result of their distance learning degree. A full 60 per cent receive a higher salary. Furthermore, according to the survey, distance learning graduates take on more attractive tasks and improve their chances of advancement. In other words, surprise your boss with newly acquired expertise and drive your career forward!

3. You are flexible in terms of location and time – even during the exams.

Do you have a full-time job, children, and pets; are you a professional athlete or just like to sleep late? Are you unsure about whether you will be able to integrate distance learning into your everyday life? No problem! The distance learning programme’s absolute flexibility allows you to schedule your own time and to align it with your life situation. For example, you have the option of taking a temporary break from your studies or extending them free of charge. More good news: You will never have to sit in overcrowded lecture halls again. With the online exams, you can take your exams at any time, 365 days a year, around the clock. All you need is a functioning Internet connection. You also have the option of coming to one of the 44 IUBH examination centres in your area or taking the exam at one of the Goethe Institutes located worldwide. This high degree of flexibility is also an important criterion for 70 percent of survey respondents when selecting a study programme.

4. You can study even with a disability.

Particularly students with disabilities or chronic illnesses appreciate the advantages of distance learning. Many universities are not barrier-free or do not offer local support. Distance learning gives you the chance to complete your desired degree programme despite physical impairments.

5. Distance learning makes you feel better.

Those who start a distance learning degree programme should be clear about the fact that nothing works without self-organisation and self-motivation. After all, many are studying despite having a job, family or other circumstances that require a certain amount of organization. But: It is worth it! According to the trend study, distance learning even improves private life. Respondents have higher self-confidence and feel intellectually enriched.


Please feel free to write us in the comment field about why your distance learning programme was or is exactly the right thing for you, or what might still be holding you back from deciding to pursue distance learning.


By the way: You can find the detailed results of the IUBH Trend Study at


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